Product Specification – Heritage Collection

Wood Species Oak (Quercus spp)
TrueWood Heritage Collection: Antique Oak flooring.
The floors have an authentic time-aged look with a lot character,
warm mature appearance due to wear and tear of time. Each plank
is carefully aged with aging techniques and finished with natural
and/or white oil. Lively colour variation, filled knotholes, cracks,
pinholes and other natural occurring characteristics of wood are to
be expected and are part of the charm of these time-aged floors.
Wear layer thickness
10,0mm (+/- 0,5mm)
3,0mm (+/- 0,5mm)
1200mm (+/-0,1%)
Type/profiling Engineered flooring with Tongue an Groove on all sides.
Face Treatment Sanded, filled, smoked or non-smoked.
Hand rubbed (distressed) or hand scraped or fine sawn
Grade/Finishing Grade: Time-aged
Finishing: Oxidation Oils Natural or White colour.
Moisture Content &
Installation environment
8% (+/-2%). Suitable for normal dry indoor spaces with a
constant RH of 50% (+/-10%). Ideal for installation in
both commercial and domestic applications. Floating or
Glue down possible. The laying instructions can be down-
loaded from our installation page.
After installation:
Maintenanceand repairs
Oiled floors have been finished with oil in the factory.
After installation of such a floor it is advisable to treat
the floor with a natural or white maintenance oil.VERY IMPORTANT: This type of aged floor cannot be re-sanded.The right maintenance is important to keep the floor in a good
condition and improve it over time. The right maintenance
instructions can be downloaded from our maintenance page.
Guarentee 10 years
Formaldehyde emission E1
Thermal conductivity
Thermal insulation value
0,14 (W/(mk))
R = 0,11m2 k/w
Classes of reaction to fire
Dfl – S1
Characteristics, evaluations
of conformity and marking
European Standard EN 14342
Brinell Hardness 3,7 HB
Packaging 6 pieces per pack. Max of 1 piece in split length