Laying Instructions – Underfloor Heating

Rules for using TrueWood in combination with underfloor heating

Laying a TrueWood floor in combination with underfloor heating can be achieved and will ensure your home is as comfortable as possible.

When laying a wooden floor in combination with underfloor heating you must, however, follow a number of specific rules.

The TrueWood guarantee applies to wooden floors that are laid in combination with a underfloor heating system as long as the instructions below are observed.  The TrueWood guarantee will, however, no longer apply should the instruction below not be observed.

Wood is a living natural material, hence it will “move” (shrink and swell) under changing climatic conditions.  Taking this in consideration, it is vital that the heating process of the underfloor heating systems is carried out properly in order to prevent stresses being created within the wood flooring and to ensure that the moisture content in the wood is at the appropriate level during the entire year to avoid problems with swelling and shrinkage.

Special conditions and rules for laying TrueWood in combination with underfloor heating

Beech, Ash, Maple and Jatoba are wood types that easily warp and, therefore, are not recommended for use in combination with underfloor heating.  The TrueWood guarantee will not apply when these wood types are laid in combination with underfloor heating.
A wooden floor may not be laid on floor heating systems that have been installed before 1990.  These systems, generally, produce temperatures that are too high.
Ensure that you know that your floor heating system is suitable for use in combination with wooden floors.