All about engineered wood flooring

What about Truewood engineered wood flooring makes it world class

Hardwood Top wear Layer
A 3 layer construction with a solid 3 to 4mm top layer is used for optimum stability.
Only quality hardwood grades with the finest combinations of grain, pattern and colour are chosen for our various TrueWood ranges.  With a 3mm(Heritage Collection) and  4mm(Tradition Collection) top surface wear layer, this is almost equivalent to that of a 3/4 inch solid wood floor. Using modern technology the top layer is either brushed, distressed, smoked, hand scraped and oiled. Truewood engineered wood flooring has factory finished and stained on sites flooring options. The benefit of a Truewood factory prefinished oak floor is that it has more stable colouring and more distressed type finishes giving the floor more character. The benefits of a site stained floor is that we can tailor unfinished oak flooring stains to your liking.

Tongue and Groove joints

The fineness of TrueWood  Tongue and Groove joints far surpass the industry average, giving each floor strip unparalleled regularity and ease of installation in both floating and glue down installations.

Support Layer

TrueWood support layer consists of cross-grained, water-resistant plywood designed to minimize expansion and contraction in the top layer.  Owing to this inherent stability, fluctuating weather conditions have little noticeable effect on our flooring.  Additionally, scoring on the support layer’s underside allow the flooring strip to easily adapt to sub-floor contours

Why is TrueWood Engineered Flooring better?

True Touch
Feel and touch an authentic real wood floor. A TrueWood floor is distinctively different to any other wood floor. In essence TrueWood products are designed to bring more of the natural grain, texture and fibre of real wood to your floor.
Reduce your costs by using a TrueWood engineered floor. TrueWood is easy to install, with no sanding or sealing required. New technologies are used to produce planks that are wider and longer than conventional solid wood floor boards.
More Eco-Friendly
Save more trees with an engineered floor. Using an engineered veneer layer dramatically increases the yield per tree. Using a trunk peeling mechanism as opposed to conventional sawing, TrueWood can produce more flooring from a single trunk.
Character Building
TrueWood floors mature with age because of the new oil gel surface. Inflections and abrasions through normal use tend to give the floor more character over time. Have a floor that looks better in 5 years than when you first bought it.
Oiled surfaces
Do-It-Yourself oil finished floors provide the most natural look of any wood floor finish. Oil finish actually penetrates, and becomes a part of the surface of a wood floor. It is not nearly as sensitive to scratches and wear and tear as a urethane or varnished finish. The NEW woca oil range is easy to apply and takes only 4 hours to dry.
No Sanding (Spot Treating)
If the Woca Oil finish is applied properly, your floor will last for years to come, with no sanding required. TrueWood floors can be spot treated where needed instead of having to be fully sanded and refinished.